Supporting Global Development through Sustainable Tourism

Projects Prior to 2007

Projects prior to 2007Solimar and its partners have experience in countries all over the world. Learn more about our past projects and consultancies below:

North America

Sustainable Tourism Webcast, United States

Project Partner: The Conservation Fund, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and National Park Service
Project Description: Planned and developed the content for sustainable tourism webcast hosted at the National Conservation Training Center. Goal was to educate U.S. audiences about starting sustainable tourism programs. Engaged three tourism development experts as speakers. Wrote five tourism development case studies. Assisted in outreach and marketing campaign to draw audience from across the country. (July – September 2006)

RED Sustainable Tourism, Mexico

Project Partner: The International Community Foundation
Project Description: Completed an initial site visit in order to review the state of current and potential tourism development in Cabo Pulmo.  Solimar provided local tourism stakeholders with key knowledge and tools to set the groundwork for the formation of a Destination Management Organization (DMO) and the creation of a tourism strategy.  The principles applied focused on linking the community, tourism, and conservation sustainable tourism pillars.  (August – December 2011)

Latin America/Caribbean

Business Model Development for Community Tourism Network, Chiapas, Mexico

Project Partner: Chemonics International and USAID
Project Description: Evaluated the current status of community organization and developed a 12-month business plan. Assisted the organization in designing a technical assistance program to improve services among its members. (September 2006)

Promotional Strategy Development, Panama

Project Partner: Chemonics International and USAID
Project Description: Developed a branding campaign and a Destination Management Company to help promote and sell small/micro businesses and community tourism associations in the Panama Canal Watershed. Developed a website, brochure, and an Internet marketing and public relations campaign. Provided technical assistance to a local marketing agency and local tour operator to operate the destination management company and provide marketing and consulting services to small tourism businesses. (May – August 2006)

Marketing Program Development, Guatemala

Project Partner: Counterpart International and USAID
Project Description: Developed a community tourism marketing program for archeological sites in the jungles of the Northern Peten, Guatemala. Produced 3 print ads for local Guatemalan tourism publications, full color brochure/map guide, and a community tourism website portal. (January – March 2005)

Tourism Assessment, Yungas Valley, Bolivia

Project Partner: Chemonics International and USAID
Project Description: Performed an assessment of the development potential for North and South Yungas provinces in Bolivia. Project goal was to define targeted opportunities for project development and assistance to create economic alternatives for coca farmers in the region. Wrote series of 15 action plans to be reviewed by USAID and the Government of Bolivia for implementation.

Tourism Planning, Panama

Project Partner: The Government of Panama and the Inter-American Development Bank.
Project Description: Completed a detailed product development and marketing and promotion strategy for the country. Produced a detailed analysis of Panama's product offering. Conducted more than 800 consumer and travel trade interviews in the U.S. and Western Europe. Developed detailed demographic profiles of travelers to Panama and competing destinations. Created a short and long term marketing strategy and marketing and promotion action plan.

Sustainable Tourism Development, Inaguas Islands, Bahamas

Project Partner: Government of the Bahamas and the Inter-American Development Bank
Project Description: Assessed the development potential of the Inaguas for sustainable tourism. Developed a series of 25 action plans being reviewed for implementation. Managing a sustainable tourism development project. Developing a destination management organization and company. Creating marketing collateral including a destination website, printed brochure, and tourism map management of promotions. Launching international marketing campaign targeting specialty travel segments. Producing business plans for 20+ local tourism businesses. (July 2006 – present)

Destination Marketing Program, Port Antonio, Jamaica

Project Partner: PA Consulting and USAID
Project Description: Recruited local stakeholders to participate in the program and obtained financial buy-in. Managed a professional media team on three separate shoots to capture still photography, video, and virtual tours of the destination. Managed the development of a destination website portal and production of a Digital Travel Planner. Conducted travel agency seminars about the destination. Represented the destination at International Tradeshows. Designed and implemented an online marketing strategy. (January – July 2005)

Unique Jamaica Marketing Video & Tradeshow Representation

Project Objective: Conducted an island wide media shoot to create a media bank of digital images and video footage. Produced a promotional DVD с Digital Travel Planner of the Unique Jamaica program educating the traveler on the unknown areas and attractions of Jamaica. Also represented the program at two Adventure Travel Tradeshows in NY and DC.

Port Antonio Destination Management and Marketing Program

Project Partner: JHTA - Portland Chapter
Project Objective: Implementing a marketing and sales campaign for the Port Antonio destination and tourism providers. Program includes website development, Internet Marketing, digital travel production, trade outreach, and consumer promotions with Red Stripe and Alize. Building a website for a local destination management company ( based in Port Antonio and providing technical assistance to access new markets.

Tourism Cluster Marketing Program, Jamaica

Project Partner: Unique Jamaica and DFID
Project Description: Developed a cluster marketing program for 60 small tourism businesses in Jamaica. Professional media shoot of the Island and Unique Jamaica Association members. Production of a video project describing the program and various undiscovered areas and attractions of Jamaica. Developed a media bank of over 4000 high quality digital photographs of Jamaica and members of the association. Represented the program in two adventure travel expos. Developed a customer management database for the organization. Developed a 12 month marketing strategy for the program. (January 2005 – February 2006)

Community Tourism Association

Project Partners: Sustainable Communities Foundation, Country Style Community Tourism Network, International Institute for Peace through Tourism
Project Overview: Working with partners in Jamaica to develop a community tourism association that will provide technical assistance, micro-financing, marketing, and reservations to community based tourism programs.

Bluefields Beach Park

Project Partner: Bluefields Villas, Bluefields Environmental Protection Associations & Bluefields People's Community Association
Project Overview: Working with project partners to design a project proposal to the UDC and funding agencies to develop a sustainable community beach park that will protect one of the few remaining public beaches in Jamaica while educating the community on the importance of environmental conservation.

Hotel Development and Investment Promotion Program, Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)

Project Partner: The Eastern Caribbean Investment Promotion Service and the Organization of American States (OAS)
Project Description: Completed a nine-month program to promote new hotel development in the nine-island Eastern Caribbean region. Identified 15 hotel development opportunities in the OECS. Provided in-depth technical assistance to local project sponsors, including market and financial feasibility studies, assistance in preparing business plans, and targeting and working with foreign partners.Developed an investor database, a financial model for evaluating project potential, a project development workshop, and an international investment promotion conference.

Tourism Investment Promotion Strategy, St. Kitts and Nevis

Project Partner: The Organization of American States (OAS)
Project Description: Performed diagnostic evaluation of St. Kitts and Nevis Government programs aimed at promoting foreign direct investment in the tourism sector. Identified primary obstacles to new investment and a series of proscriptive solutions. Developed and implemented revised investment promotion strategy and implementation program, resulting in initiation of two new hotel projects representing investment of more than US$70 million, and advancing of two additional projects, with an estimated value of more than $100 million. Analyzed economic impact of these projects on the St. Kitts and Nevis economy, and evaluated the cost government incentives provided to project developers relative to the benefits to be derived in terms of foreign exchange earnings, employment, and government revenues.

Strategic Planning, St. Lucia

Project Partner: The Organization of American States (OAS)
Project Description: Completed a nine-month assignment focused on the development of a 5-year tourism development strategy for the island of St. Lucia. Prepared detailed recommendations and an action program for creating greater linkages between the tourism industry and other sectors of the economy. Presented marketing and promotion strategies for North American and European markets. Developed plan to stimulate increased levels of private investment. Created an attractive environment for the establishment and on-going operation of tourism-related enterprises.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Internet Marketing Strategy, Island of Moheli, Comoros

Project Description: Developed an Internet strategy and brand identity for Island of Moheli. Launched a website and Internet marketing campaign to target ecotourists and adventure travelers in Europe and North America.

Eco-tourism Web Portal Development, Madagascar

Project Partner: Conservation International
Project Description: Partnered with Conservation International to develop website architecture and creative brief for Managed design team and development team during production. Identified sources of web copy and images. Recommended process to transfer site to local Malagasy organization.

Tourism and Fundraising Strategy, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Keny

Project Partner: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
Project Description: Created a Conserve-An-Acre fundraising program for the Conservancy. Worked with safari camps and lodges on the Conservancy and community lodges around the Conservancy in Northern Kenya to inventory tourism assets, assess transportation needs, and recommend management and operational improvements for specific businesses and marketing strategies for the businesses and region. Conducted conceptual planning for a project to reduce over-grazing in the region and integrate protected lands with local nomadic grazers.

Middle East & North Africa

Experience Development, Jordan

Project Partner: Chemonics International and USAID
Project Description: Working with clusters to redefine and enhance the visitor experience in Central Jordan and create a new model for heritage site management in the country. Work includes defining themes and circuits, interpretation programs, business models and tenders for concession operations, action plans for site enhancements, and targeted marketing strategies

Financial Modeling, Heritage Site Development and Management, Jordan

Project Partner: Chemonics International and USAID
Project Description: Designed a financial and operating model for the redevelopment, interpretation, and management of 12 heritage sites in Jordan, through the creation of a statutory corporation.

Tourism Product Development, Jordan

Project Partner: Jordan Tourism Board and USAID
Project Description: Conducted in-depth assessment of Jordan’s tourism offer, focused primarily on heritage, religious and archeological sites. Defined a series of action plans for improving the visitor experience and attracting more visitors from Western Europe and the U.S. Worked with the USAID-funded Jordan Tourism Project to define a new model for the management and development of tourist attractions that will help integrate local communities and promote microenterprise development.

Tourism Investment Analysis and Promotion, Jordan

Project Partner: Chemonics International and USAID
Project Description: Prepared an analysis of the tourism investment climate and defined a three-year investment promotion strategy for the country. The principle focus of the strategy was investment, both public and private, at culture and nature-oriented sites throughout Jordan.

Tourism Industry Assessment, Lebanon

Project Partner: Counterpart International and USAID
Project Description: Conducted an assessment of Lebanon’s tourism industry and prepared a series of recommendations for interventions to be proposed for a USAID Grant Application.

South/Southeast Asia

Business Plan Development, Ulanbaatar, Mongolia

Project Partner: Dexis Consulting and USAID
Project Description: Developed a business plan for the proposed Mongolian National Tourism Portal and Destination Management System. Researched business models of other tourism portals to identify potential services and pricing structures. Prepared comprehensive financial projections indicating capital requirements, break even, etc. Interviewed tourism stakeholders to gauge level of interest and support of the proposed portal. Evaluated potential private sector firms to manage the portal and operations. Developed a proposed public private partnership for equity distribution of the portal. Analyzed the portal prototype and provided recommendations for improvements to design and content.

Europe & Euroasia

Tourism Information and Promotion Program, Brasov County, Romania

Project Partner: Chemonics International and USAID
Project Description: Assisted the Brasov County Tourism Association in the design and implementation of a county tourism information and promotion program. Assessed needs for the visitor information centers and destination tourism portal. Developed specifications and budgets for implementation. Conducted a series of Geotourism workshops with National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations. Provided training to the staff of the Tourism Information Centers. Worked with tourism stakeholders in a small agriculture community to enhance the visitor’s experience, help guesthouses improve their product and register their business with the government, created marketing materials for the destination, and developed a destination management company to implement a marketing and sales program. (March, 2006)

Tourism Trade and Investment Plan Implementation, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Project Partner: JE Austin and USAID
Project Description: Created a plan for tourism-related market development and investment promotion. Initiated the implementation of those plans, including the design of visitor intercept and exit surveys, a market outreach strategy, development of a targeted tour operator database, interviews with those operators, a strategy and database for participation at targeted trade fairs, development of a scope of work for cluster website development, creation of a partnership between government and other development agencies for tourism-relate investment promotion, and an assessment of potential investment promotion targets. (November-December 2005)

Tourism Competitive Cluster Activity (CCA), Bosnia & Herzegovina

Project Partner: JE Austin and USAID
Project Description: Defined and will assist in implementing a one-year work plan to promote tourism cluster development in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Activities will include travel trade product assessments, market research, design and execution of special events, and tourism-related investment promotion.

Agro-Tourism Study, Agro-biodiversity Conservation Project, Serbi

Project Partner: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Resources, World Bank GEF
Project Description: (February 2006)

Rural and Mountain Tourism Technical Assistance, Montenegro

Project Partner: Montenegro Business Alliance and United States Department of State
Project Description: Worked with local NGOs, business owners, government officials, and individuals in northern Montenegro to assess the tourism products of the region, benchmark against similar areas around the world that are successfully attracting tourists and work with individuals on product improvement, market access, and linkages with other tourism businesses and regions. (October 2006)

Cultural and Heritage Workshop Series, Montenegro

Project Partner: Montenegro Business Alliance and United States Department of State
Project Description: Worked with the U.S. Consulate in Montenegro and the Montenegro Business Alliance to conduct a series of workshops on cultural and heritage tourism and rural mountain tourism. Worked with business owners, government officials, and local residents to determine how they could enhance their tourism products. (May 2006)

Western Balkan Region Conference Design “Our Common Sustainable Future in Europe”

Project Partner: UNDP
(February – March 2006)

Tourism Workshop Development, Norway

Project Partner: National Geographic Society Center for Sustainable Destinations and Innovation Norway
Project Description: Designed a 2-day Geotourism Workshop to educate participants about geotourism (sustainable tourism) and help community leaders develop strategic plans for tourism in their regions. This flexible workshop will be conducted throughout Norway and is designed for use around the world.

Ecotourism Development and Planning, Bulgaria Biodiversity Conservation and Economic Growth Project

Project Partner: ARD and USAID
Project Description: Principle Investigator for planning and development strategy. Supervised an MBA Consulting Practicum which conducted rapid assessments of tourism potential in the surrounding communities near the Rila and Central Balkan National Parks in Bulgaria. (May – June, 2001)


SEE Turtles Business Strategy (

Project Partner:  The Ocean Conservancy.
Project Objective:  Solimar prepared a comprehensive business strategy for SEE Turtles that identified opportunities within the ecotourism market for sea turtle tours with the end goal of raising money to benefit sea turtle conservation efforts.  The business plan focused on the sea turtle destinations of Baja, Trinidad & Tobago, and Costa Rica. (September - December 2007).

World Hotel Link Americas Representative

Project Partner: World Hotel Link Ltd.
Project Objective:  Solimar signed a MOU with World Hotel Link to help grow the network of e-Marketplaces in the Americas. Solimar is identifying potential partners to connect travelers and accommodation providers via a locally-owned and operated e-marketplace. The WHL e-marketplaces are advanced e-commerce enabled accommodation booking sites, sharing a common database-driven booking system.

SMART Destinations of the World

Project Partners: Sustainable Travel International, Rainforest Alliance.
Project Overview: Creating a marketing cluster of small hotels committed to sustainable tourism. The program provides technical assistance, certification, and market access to members in Costa Rica, West Virginia, Jamaica, and Peru.

Community Tourism e-Portal

Project Partners: Sustainable Travel International, International Institute for Peace Through Tourism.
Project Objective:  Solimar is working with our partners to create a community tourism portal to aggregate community tourism products and connect them with the independent travelers that are using the Internet to find authentic cultural experiences.

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