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"Solimar has exceeded our expectations with the Online Marketing Campaign in Namibia. In the course of a year they have increased Namibia's online presence significantly both in google and social networks. They have found innovative ways to provide value to consumers, and connect Namibia's trade partners to the tourists who come through the NTB website. We've been impressed with how they have found work around solutions with new softwares, to ensure that Namibia's online presence is streamlined, engaging and innovative. It has been a wonderful value add for the Namibia Tourism Board." 
-Sisco Auala, Millennium Challenge Account-Namibia, Tourism Marketing Manager

"Solimar fills a strategic gap for really professional global consulting companies specialized in sustainable tourism. Their team includes world-renowned specialists with an extremely diversified experience, with a problem-solving attitude and flexibility that surpassed all our expectations."
-Oliver Hillel, Program Officer in the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity

"Over many years of working with Solimar International, Cardno continues to value your experience as global thought leaders and technical innovators in tourism marketing and development.  We rely confidently on Solimar's deep technical experience and professionalism as tourism consultants—and know that you will always 'get the job done', exceeding our expectations." 
-Leila Calnan, Senior Manager, Tourism Services, Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd.

"Solimar is one of Chemonics' most valued small business partners. They are flexible, responsive, and strategic."
-Adam Noyce, New Business Director, Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean, Chemonics International

"It has been a pleasure to work with Solimar International on developing community tourism initiatives in Ethiopia. We have always had positive interactions with SI as they have been unfailing helpful and quick to respond, have produced excellent graphic designs, been extremely open to new ideas and changes and have openly shared approaches and information. We have always experienced a 'can-do' attitude and facilitatory approach from individuals. Pricing for services was always very competitive and the organization clearly has the interests of local communities and the environment at their heart."
-Dr. Karen Laurenson, Programme Manager, Africa Department
Frankfurt Zoological Society (

"[Solimar's] marketing program is an exciting addition to the niche tourism product offerings in Uganda. When visitors come for a safari, bird watching or to see our famous mountain gorillas, they can stay a few extra days and become immersed in local cultural experiences as well."
-Edwin Muzahura, Head of Marketing at Uganda Tourism Board

"Throughout the activities/projects we have maintained an extremely fruitful cooperation with Solimar and have come to know the organization as an innovative and holistically oriented accelerator of eco-tourism in Ethiopia. We therefore sincerely recommend Solimar as a facilitator and leader of sustainable tourism endeavors."
-Jasmina van Driel, Rift Valley Programme Coordinator
Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network (HOA-REC)
Addis Ababa University

Being a small, emerging destination we often turn to Solimar for invaluable strategic guidance in our branding and marketing activities. The Solimar team provides us with relevant knowledge tailored directly to our context and size, and their in-depth knowledge on global tourism perspectives has transformed our ability to stay focused on the issues that matters most in our continued development. - Mads Pihl, Destination Manager, Destination Arctic Circle (Greenland)


cassandra“Through Solimar International’s ‘Hotel Sustainability Internship’, I gained valuable knowledge throughout the comprehensive online training sessions as well as on-site in the USAID/PAI office in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia. The team at Solimar was very good at preparing the interns in areas of Marketing and Sustainability so that we could successfully provide consulting services to developing businesses located within the Madidi National Park in the Amazon Rainforest. Matthew Humke and Gianmarco Fiori were exceptional advisors in leading the interns as a team in developing professional protocols for establishing beneficial results with the businesses we represented. Overall, I was glad to be given the opportunity to work with Solimar and their helpful team during my 2012 internship in Bolivia.”
-Cassandra DePecol

crystall“In today's ecomonic climate there is no such thing as luck in the job search. You need tangible, relevant skills to prove your worth. The opportunity to work in the field with Solimar International provided me with just that. I worked in Bocas del Toro, Panama creating a geotourism website, with the goal of promoting tourism that would benefit biodiversity in the area. I was called on to do a wide variety of things- communications, marketing, website design, to name a few- that kept me excited and challenged. And, my mentor, Lucia Prinz, was a wealth of experience, guidance, and humor that is hard to come by. She helped me learn something new everyday. In all, my time with Solimar was one of the smartest career decisions I could have made.”
-Crystal DiMiceli


colin“The internship at Solimar gave me hands on experience assisting active sustainable tourism development projects, and exposed me to an energetic, bright team of leaders in their field. The work environment at Solimar encourages fresh ideas from whomever puts them forth, awards initiative at all times, and is defined by an exciting group of professionals who can easily be both friends and colleagues.”
-Colin McCabe



nubia“I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer internship with Solimar. Coming from a marketing and communications consulting background, my experience was light on the sustainable development and tourism side. This served as the perfect bridge between my previous work and my graduate studies. I was able to leverage some of my background in marketing and expand that through the Inbound Marketing University certification and help create tools that will help the travel and tourism industry adapt these skills. I was also given a tremendous amount of independence to take ideas and really run with them, while still having a great deal of support. This internship has been key in determining the ways in which I can take things I have always been passionate about (sustainable development, community-based tourism, economic development and travel) and use my training to pursue them going forward.”
-Nubia Dickerson

jeffYerxa“My internship experience at Solimar has truly been wonderful. Over the last four months I have had the pleasure to meet an amazing team of talented and inspiring professionals who are genuine and down-to-earth. I’ve learned an incredible amount concerning travel marketing and tourism development and have been exposed to various different stages throughout the lifecycle of a development project. I’ve found the firm’s mission and the people who work here admirable and would recommend this opportunity to anyone interested in travel marketing or international development.”
-Jeff Yerxa

lizHeimann“My internship at Solimar was incredibly rewarding and lots of fun. I was able to learn from leaders in the sustainable tourism field and work with them individually, while improving my communications skills and creating strong connections with my colleagues. This internship has given me a great foundation in the sustainable tourism and international development industries, and has allowed me to get to know an awesome group of people at the same time.”
-Liz Heimann


carmelaOtarra“Coming from the development and academic side of the tourism industry, I was able to enhance my skills and knowledge on marketing and communications through my internship at Solimar. Assisting the different tourism projects allowed me to learn about trade outreach and online marketing, which are very helpful to small tourism enterprises in remote locations that I would like to help develop in the future. I also admire the passion and dedication of the people at Solimar to develop and market challenging and undiscovered destinations to help improve their economies.”
-Carmela Otarra

“Solimar’s in-depth knowledge on global tourism perspectives has transformed our ability to stay focused on the issues that matters most in our continued development."

-Mads Pihl, Destination Manager
Destination Arctic Circle (Greenland)

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