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5 Ways To Make Your Tour Stand Out

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    Many independent travelers shy away from organized tour companies, but we here at Solimar International believe they can be extremely beneficial. Tour guides make your travels easier and provide you with in depth information about a destination. Many destinations off the beaten path are not even accessible without a guide, and many of these places should not be missed. We believe that knowledgeable employees are vital to the success of every tourism company. 

    Before you begin to develop an organized tour, check out our 5 ways to make your tour better than the rest! 

    1. Be a Naturalist

    Have you considered that nature might be one of the best assets of your tour? If your tour is outdoors, you should be using this resource to your advantage by informing visitors of the many natural wonders of an area. Try to point out natural landmarks and talk about their impact on your tours theme. Once you start researching, you might be surprised how the natural landscape influenced your destination. Here are some practical ways you can incorporate nature on your next tour:

    • Use binoculars
    • Use field guides
    • Identify examples of common species in the region 
    • Talk about how nature has influenced the area, for example, if it’s a historical tour, you could use old photos to show how the landscape has changed over time and how that has affected the history of the area – good or bad!
    • Educate as much as possible, the purpose of the tour is to explore and learn!

    2. Talk About Conservation

    The most important thing about your tour is to preserve the beauty of the destination. Travel while respecting the local people, economy, culture, and environment. Voice the importance of conservation and tell them how to do so. This way, your customers will be able to practice conservation and be able to educate others. Keep these things in mind while giving your tour:

    • Travel in small groups
    • Tell your guests that littering is prohibited, and provide them with a reusable bag
    • Ask before photographing locals
    • Check back with communities after tours to ensure there has been no negative impact as a result

    3. Use Interesting Language

    Nobody wants to listen to a boring tour guide. Think of ways to make what you’re saying as interesting as possible.  Prepare little ancedotes or humouros side notes to keep your audience engaged and interested. Using vivid language will also help grab your audience’s attention. Speak with authority and enthusiasm, but also be sure to keep your personal opinions to yourself. Present all sides of an issue and help your audience decide what they think. 

    4. Intriguing Opening 

    You should start by assessing your audience – Where are they from? Have they been here before? What interests them about on this tour? This could be anything from a striking statistic about the destination to a preview of what you will show/teach them on the tour. Another idea could be starting with a provocative question – leaving them anxiously awaiting the answer throughout the tour.  

    5. Non-verbal communication 

    What you say is incredibly important to your tour, but so is how you act! Use gestures to engage your audience. Smile, make eye contact, and keep body language in mind! Your customers should feel as though you are approachable and friendly, and body language is an important part of that. 

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