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Solimar Developing a Destination Management Organization Toolkit with DMAI

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    Solimar International has teamed up with Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) and the International Institute for Tourism Studies at George Washington University to build a comprehensive online resource for destination marketing organizations. This practical toolkit will include templates, meeting agendas, how-to-guides, and case studies related to building and operating a world class destination marketing organization.

    As tourism has emerged as one of the largest economic sectors in the world, a greater number of destinations have invested significant funds in destination marketing, attracting visitors and making the industry a powerful driver in economic growth and infrastructure development.

    This new resource is designed to support tourism professionals seeking to build a new DMO or enhance a currently operating organization in order to meet the requirements of DMAI's Destination Marketing Accreditation Program. Core areas of focus will include destination dialogue, management/operations, governance, finance, technology marketing, sales, visitor services and sustainability. 

    The toolkit is being designed in a phased approach that includes:

    • Research and discovery: Thorough background research of academic publications and useful tools developed by global tourism organizations.
    • Interviews: Interviewing DMO professionals that have displayed excellence or innovation in each of the toolkit categories. DMOs with different locations, operational budgets and management structures will take part in interviews.  
    • Pilot testing: As an example, Solimar International is currently working to create DMOs in Arizona's Verde Valley, the northeastern part of Sri Lanka and Malawi. 
    • Final review and multi-platform publication: Tourism professionals will conduct a final review, perform a layout design and publish the toolkit in print and online.

    Furthermore, the toolkit will provide national and regional DMOs information on how to support smaller communities within their destinations as well as improve local resources and quality of life. And according to Jim McCaul, the director of communications at DMAI, it will help community leaders "looking to organize and consolidate private, public, and social sectors around the tourism industry under a new destination marketing and management organization."

    For more information on how Solimar can provide assistance in launching a DMO, click here.

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