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Wednesday, 06 February 2013 00:00

My Best Shot: The Story of Our Favorite Travel Photos

Written by Vicki Brown

As we explained earlier this week on our blog, you don't need to be a professional photographer or have expensive equipment to take a stunning photograph. The Solimar team have plenty of opportunities to snap away when they are in the field (or on vacation!) and here, they have chosen their best shots.

Some of them capture a moment beautifully, or an emotion, or a sense of place. Others have a clever composition or tell an unusual story. Remember: a picture is worth a thousand words! But all are great photos, by amateur photographers – and we think they are all pretty inspiring!

Katie Hardin, Office Manager

My husband is the photographer in our family. I often lose him on vacations because he'll be several steps behind me, taking his 15th photo of the same thing. Of the hundreds of photos taken over this two-week vacation, I probably snapped less than 5. This was one of my photos, taken in Venice, and it was probably the best one of the vacation. I love the irony!

katie - venice-resized-600

Jennifer Park, Business Development Manager

I took these in Colombia with my run-of-the-mill $100 Canon PowerShot. 

I like this one of the soup because this was the amazing presentation we received in a woman's house, which also doubled as the community store, in a town called Las Termales that has no Internet or cell phone signal. It's the literal definition of "in the middle of nowhere," and yet look at how simple but amazing the presentation can be.

jen - colombia 2-resized-600

I liked the composition of this one – lancha paddles in Bahia Malaga la Plata.

jen - colombia 1-resized-600

Natalie Sellier, Director of Finance and Operations

This is a shot I took while waiting to get on a ferry (boat pictured) from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. It sums up a lot of my traveling experiences in Africa… so beautifully chaotic!

natalie - tanzania

Gabriel Seder, Director of Enterprise Marketing

This photo is from Leticia, at the southern tip of Colombia, where the Amazon River forms the border with Peru and Brazil. International borders don't really mean anything here, so people from all three countries come to little markets like this to sell fish and exotic fruit.

gabe - leticia-resized-600

Gergana Nikolova, Program Manager at Solimar Europe

This is from Nassau, in the Bahamas. It was a very emotional visit - we were supposed to be there for only two days, but the airport got closed due to a hurricane, so we stayed five days. The fact that we had additional days there meant we could go for more walks around the island. And… here is the reason why I chose this pic: in front you can see the beautiful, colorful and really hospitable local houses, and in the background is this huge and ugly (at least for us) Atlantis which does not offer any of the local experience you can get there. It is an example of what should not be done in such colorful and beautiful community areas.

gergana - bahamas-resized-600

Vicki Brown, Creative Manager

This is a group of Afro-Ecuadorian boys in the tiny village of Wimbi in Esmeraldas, Ecuador. They live surrounded by jungle, paddling handmade canoes, fishing and sometimes hunting for food. I love this photo because instead of showing how different their lives are to mine, it shows how strikingly similar we all are in reality. These boys could have grown up anywhere – it conveys the close relationship between them, the jokes, the posing, the cheekiness, the attitude.

vicki - ecuador-resized-600

I am not a morning person, and it takes a lot to get me out of bed early. This picture reminds me that, just sometimes, it is worthwhile. On the Isla del Sol in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, a combination of altitude sickness, sub-zero temperatures and a wafer-thin mattress was enough to keep even the keenest of sleepers awake – and I was reluctantly up before sunrise. But this was the scene outside my window – and luckily enough I was awake enough to grab my camera and capture it.

vicki - bolivia-resized-600


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