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Destination Management

Destination management is the coordinated management of all elements that make up a destination, including the attractions, amenities, access, marketing and pricing. Solimar assists destinations take a strategic approach to linking these sometimes very separate entities for the better management of a destination.

Destination Management Organizations (DMO) are often the best advocates for the collaborative management of tourism in a place. In this role they can ensure the mitigation of tourism’s negative impacts to the environment and local communities. A DMO can help facilitate a dialogue among the private sector, public sector, and other stakeholders that may otherwise never collaborate—as well as help to avoid duplication of effort with regards to promotion, visitor services, training, business support and identify any management gaps that are not being addressed.

Solimar begins the DMO development process with a vision for the destination—an exciting picture of the destination’s desired future. Visioning is most successful when it is participatory and motivates stakeholders to work together. Once the vision is determined, Solimar works directly with key stakeholders in the destination to create revenue-generating business plans that will provide the financial resources needed for the continued management of the destination.

Upon implementation of the business plan, Solimar provides end-to-end solutions for DMO’s to successfully manage the following aspects of a destination:

  • Experience Development – circuit development, packaging, and signage
  • Tourism Branding and Tourism Marketing – graphic design services, social media, tour operator and press familiarization (FAM) trips
  • Market Access – reservation systems, accessing existing networks
  • Ensuring Brand Integrity – standards, certification and training
  • Customer Relationship Management – at the retail and wholesale level
  • Representation – giving stakeholders a unified and more powerful voice
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What to Expect

  • A more clearly defined vision, mission and set of strategic objectives for the destination and more engaged and committed stakeholders
  • A fully implemented business plan custom tailored to the challenges and opportunities of the destination
  • Greater levels of awareness of the destination in targeted markets, increases to the number of visitors, average length of stay, average daily spending, and tourism-related income
  • Financial sustainability, or a clear path towards achieving it

Project Examples

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