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Destination Marketing Planning, Branding and Investment Promotion for the Bethlehem Governorate, Palestine

  • Client: USAID Compete Project (DAI) and Office of the Quartet Representative
  • Partners:Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Governorate of Bethlehem
  • Project Duration: November 2014 - March 2015

Project Overview

Tourism is a vital component of the strategy to grow the long-term vitality of the Palestinian economy. Palestine has an immensely rich cultural, historical, and ecological heritage, with many site and destinations that are both World Heritage Sites and globally recognized destinations. However, despite these assets and a relatively high number of visitors per year (about 2 million), tourism’s impact on the economy is far lower than it could be. To increase the economic impact of the tourism sector, this project looks to expand the value added from the existing visitors and tap into new market niches to increase the number tourists and their average length of stay and expenditure.

Major Activities

  • Create a conceptual master plan for Bethlehem that includes the current and future structures and services that form the Bethlehem governorate destination.
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan for the Bethlehem governorate that analyzes the competitive positioning of the destination in the international tourism market.
  • Write a creative brief with a brand and branding strategy for Bethlehem using a market-responsive approach based on international industry research, analysis, and market needs.
  • Create investment opportunity briefs that will identify public and private investment opportunities to develop the services, products and visitor experiences needed to realize the competitive positioning of Bethlehem.

Anticipated Results

  • Develop a brand, themes, and vision for Bethlehem with tourism products that reflect the distinct offer of the destination.
  • Highlight details of the tourism offer for Bethlehem and the surrounding towns and villages.
  • Identify and rank investment opportunities according to their size and scope, target investors, cultural and historic importance, and market relevance.
  • Scale-up the project to other destinations in the region.

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