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Campeche SAVE Center

Promoting Scientific, Academic, Volunteer and Educational (SAVE) travel to Campeche, Mexico

  • Client: SAVE Travel Alliance
  • Partners: SAVE Travel Alliance team and Fundación Avanza
  • Project Duration: July 2015 – April 2016

Project Overview

Solimar has been contracted to develop a SAVE center in Campeche, Mexico to act as a clearinghouse to promote Scientific, Academic, Volunteer, and Educational tourism activities in the region and to establish long-term economic and social benefits. Once established the Campeche Save Center will provide a unique platform for travelers to engage with Campeche’s distinct cultural heritage, its ample biodiversity, and its local community.

The region of Campeche’s abundant natural and cultural resources makes it an ideal location for a SAVE Center. Despite its pristine beauty and wealth of attractions, Campeche does not currently attract significant numbers of travelers due in part to its geographic isolation and the fact that it is not well known to the international market. Campeche would benefit from access to the extensive market of SAVE travelers that are connected to the SAVE Travel Alliance.

The overall purpose of the program is to increase SAVE travel in Campeche to offer income-generating opportunities for local businesses within the area that are in the early stages of developing their tourism potential. Solimar along with the SAVE Travel Alliance is working with the Fundación Avanza to assess and develop the SAVE market niche in the region and to agree on strategic, organizational and resource needs. The outcome of this project will be the launch of the Campeche SAVE Center, the development of a long-term SAVE strategy for the region as well as a business plan for sustainable operations going forward.

Major Activities

  • Assessment and project strategy
  • Outreach and SAVE product identification
  • Development of a marketing plan
  • Campeche SAVE Center Kick-off
  • Ongoing outreach and new product development

Anticipated Results

  • Identify and increase the number of active SAVE tourism attractions in Campeche
  • Increase awareness of the viability of Campeche’s SAVE travel products in worldwide consumer markets
  • Identify a criteria for developing future SAVE products in Campeche that will continue to attract visitors
  • Build Campeche’s capacity to sustain SAVE projects over the long-term through targeting training

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“Solimar is an innovative and holistically oriented accelerator of ecotourism."

-Jasmina van Driel Rift Valley Programme Coordinator
Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre & Network, Addis Ababa University

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