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Consultancy Firm to Provide Marketing and Promotional Services for Rural Community Enterprises

  • Client: Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF)
  • Partners: Government of Jamaica, Jamaica Tourism Board (JTB), Jamaica Product Development Company (JPDco)
  • Project Duration: August 2015 – January 2016

Project Overview

Solimar is currently assisting the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), Government of Jamaica and the tourism industry to develop a fresh brand identity and promotional materials that are able to convey the country’s wealth of community-based attractions.

The enterprises that will be promoted under this project are groups of rural people with common economic interests (i.e. farmers, fishermen, agro-processors, craft producers) who have organized themselves to carry out business activities. These groups are located all across the island.

Major Activities

  • Undertake brand research and product assessments to develop a creative brief for the Jamaican community tourism products
  • Create the brand platform, brand guidelines and communications tools (including a multi-page brochure and four short videos) to articulate and implement Jamaica’s community tourism brand promise
  • Introduce the new brand to cluster members and key partners, and build their capacity to adopt and apply the brand identity to market community tourism

Anticipated Results

  • Build awareness of community tourism in Jamaica
  • Establish Jamaica’s community tourism brand
  • Develop Jamaica’s community tourism strategy and position Jamaica as a community 
tourism destination
  • Develop effective, low-cost to implement communication tools that Jamaica and the eight 
(8) CBTEs supported by JSIF can use immediately to communicate with and attract the markets, funders and stakeholders

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“Solimar is an innovative and holistically oriented accelerator of ecotourism."

-Jasmina van Driel Rift Valley Programme Coordinator
Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre & Network, Addis Ababa University

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