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The Peak Park, Colombia

Taking a Business Approach to Conservation: A Business Plan and Fundraising Strategy for The Peak Regional Park, Colombia

  • Client: Providence Foundation
  • Partners: Coralina
  • Project Duration: December 2014 – March 2015

Project Overview

Solimar has been engaged to develop a business plan that outlines a strategy for how tourism can directly support the conservation and management of The Peak Regional Park. The park is seeking innovative ideas to engage local communities, as well as organizations working within the park, to generate a sustainable source of revenue through tourism.

This remote region of Colombia presents a unique set of challenges that must be considered in its development as a tourism destination. There are threats to the conservation of natural resources that must be properly managed. As tourism develops in the region, it must be done carefully and in a way that ensures economic opportunity for local residents. Furthermore, the charm and essence of the communities on the island lies in their authenticity, something that should not be disturbed or “packaged” in a way that misrepresents them or threatens their traditional way of life.

For Peak Regional Park, a tourism development business plan will be created in such a way that it preserves local culture and conserves natural resources while generating income. Utilizing this business approach to conservation will lead to increased organization and professionalization through training and assistance in product development, new and improved tourism products that will create jobs and income for the local communities, and increased awareness and support of local residents in protecting the region’s natural and cultural resources as a vital part of their local tourism economy.

Major Activities

  • Conduct a comprehensive tourism assessment to develop an understanding of the direct and indirect threats to biodiversity at a site, as well as the existing and potential attractions, market demand, and supporting tourism infrastructure and services.
  • Present business concepts for generating revenue in support of conservation to generate feedback and validate ideas with local stakeholders.
  • Create a full-fledged business plan to clearly articulate the demand-driven products available for the park to generate income in support of conservation.
  • Develop and present a fundraising strategy that can be used to secure additional funding for key activities.

Anticipated Results

  • A comprehensive understanding of the direct and indirect threats to conservation within The Peak Regional Park.
  • Utilization of the park to generate a sustainable form of revenue through tourism that funds conservation and the on-going implementation of the Park Management Plan.
  • Collaboration directly with local communities and empowering groups already working within the park to develop new tourism products that improve the overall visitor experience to Providencia.
  • Collaboration with existing tourism industry to raise additional funds in support of conservation.
  • An implementation plan and fundraising strategy that will ensure goals are met and sustained over the long-term.

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“Solimar’s in-depth knowledge on global tourism perspectives has transformed our ability to stay focused on the issues that matters most in our continued development."

-Mads Pihl, Destination Manager
Destination Arctic Circle (Greenland)

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