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Tourism Information Center Management

After a destination has successfully attracted a visitor, the next opportunity to serve the market is through a Destination Visitor and Information Center, sometimes referred to as a “welcome center”. Solimar has developed a number of these centers in popular tourism destinations that provide a one-stop, physical location from which travelers can connect to local businesses and services. These centers provide a welcoming environment for travelers to congregate, learn about available tourism products and services in the region, and make reservations. In addition, tourism information centers can provide a space to generate revenue through the sale of merchandise and local handicrafts as well as capture and analyze important traveler information and statistics.

At the crux of the Destination Visitor Center concept is its dual mission. Visitor centers not only provide information and reservation services to travelers, but can also service local tourism suppliers and the greater community. Aside from training the staff of the tourism information centers, Solimar can help destinations congregate groups of destinations stewards to tackle a range of local initiatives—from recycling initiatives to beach clean-ups, to organizing farmers markets and local festivals.

Solimar develops these centers and implements training programs with the goal of providing services to both travelers and suppliers. Solimar understands the role of TIC management is complex. As well as overseeing the daily operations of the center, they are involved with marketing the destination, networking with the local travel trade, planning events, and serving as a liaison with the local community.

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What to Expect

  • Information Center Development - Solimar will develop your Tourism Information Center into a well presented and accessible physical space to educate visitors about the assets available in the destination—as well as serve as a local hub and meeting place for local residents and stewards. 
  • Management Training - We will training Tourism Information Center Managers to identify, implement, and monitor commercial opportunities and additional services to raise revenue—including booking accommodations, making tour reservations, and selling local crafts and merchandise. 
  • Local Engagement - A proven ability to engage multiple stakeholders – including public sector, industry representatives, NGOs and communities – to work collaboratively to ensure the future of their destination. 
  • Data Collection - A process for gathering, interpreting, and supplying tourism data. 

Project Examples

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