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Integrated Marketing Program

Solimar’s integrated marketing program is our comprehensive marketing solution specifically designed to ensure that all messaging and communication strategies are unified across all channels and strategically focused on attracting your customer—the traveler. Solimar begins this process with the development of a tailored marketing strategy that is aligned with the strategic positioning, competitive advantages and specific goals of your business or destination.

Once the marketing strategy is developed, Solimar will implement a series of creative campaigns that weave together multiple marketing disciplines (including social media, paid advertising, and public relations), executed across a variety of media, and selected to suit the particular goals of your brand. Our integrated marketing programs are designed to leverage the intrinsic strengths of each marketing method to achieve greater impact together than can be achieved individually. It provides you with multiplied benefits that include a synchronized brand voice and experience, cost efficiencies generated through creative and production, and excellent brand equity and return on investment.

Businesses and destinations can no longer rely on trade shows, FAM trips, brochures, and paid advertising to attract visitors and the attention of the travel trade. Nearly 90 percent of international travelers now do most or all of their destination research online, and a rapidly growing percentage now book travel over the Internet as well. To be competitive, you need to be where the consumer is online and creating user-generated content (social media) that travelers trust. Our approach to integrated marketing does exactly that, and much more. It is about coordinated marketing strategies and tactics that earn people's interest, instead of trying to buy it, and converting that interest into actual sales.

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What to Expect

  • Marketing Strategy – After a thorough analysis, Solimar will develop the integrated marketing strategy. The strategy will serve as a roadmap for the implementation of an integrated marketing program—and is tailored to the unique circumstances of your needs. The strategy will integrate your current and targeted use of social media, search engine optimization, blogging, content and lead nurturing, public relations and trade relations.
  • Brand Analysis – Prior to implementing any integrated campaigns, Solimar will provide you with a brand analysis containing actionable recommendations to improve your look and focus your message. Our in-house design team can also help you update or refresh your current brand and logo.
  • Website and Content Development - Once a consumer finds your website, the goal is to make it so captivating that they want to stay on the site, engage in your content and share it with others. To do this, Solimar will help you determine what type of content to post, where you will post it and how frequently through developing a content calendar and assigning content generation responsibilities. We know your day is already full therefore we help you engage your team, so that everyone participates in the content generation process.
  • Social Media Strategy and Blogging – Social media gives you a place to talk to your consumers before they travel, while they travel and after they have returned. This includes social networks, blogs, micro-blogging sites and third party sites. Solimar will help you determine the best channels to use for your target markets, and what content to post.
  • Creative Campaigns - With all pieces of your marketing foundation in place, Solimar will implement a number of creative campaigns and sweepstakes designed to draw visitors to both your site and social media platforms while synchronizing your marketing message and brand value for maximum effectiveness.
  • PR/Media Outreach Strategy - Solimar will help you employ simple but effective monitoring tools to allow you to identify influencers in your market. Then you can "listen" to the conversations taking place online, join ongoing conversations, build trust, and demonstrate expertise. Solimar will also help you develop a database of contacts and design effective outreach campaigns to reach local and media, relevant bloggers, guidebooks and sales intermediaries.
  • Trade Distribution Strategy - If you work with business to business (B2B) sales, Solimar will help you take your relationships online by developing a dynamic database that tracks all communication with trade partners; from the initial email/call, to in-person meetings at trade shows, and shares on social media sites by each partner. Having a detailed record of your communication history with your partners helps you strengthen your business relationships.

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“Solimar’s in-depth knowledge on global tourism perspectives has transformed our ability to stay focused on the issues that matters most in our continued development."

-Mads Pihl, Destination Manager
Destination Arctic Circle (Greenland)

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