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Destination Marketing Partnership Program

When it comes to marketing a destination, the ability to reach audiences, attract awareness, excite interest, and convert into action can be a significant challenge—particularly in the age of marketing budgets decreasing and competition for tourism dollars strengthening around the world. We at Solimar have learned that the best way to maximize a destination’s tourism budget is to build partnerships and combine marketing efforts into one coherent voice. A partnership approach to marketing provides greater strength, unity, and leveraged results—and will more effectively market the destination together when compared to individual efforts.

Solimar’s partnership approach to destination marketing brings together everyone with a common interest in promoting the destination. We begin with a stakeholder engagement process by identifying the key public and private individuals of a destination—as well as members of the international travel trade with a vested interest in promoting and selling the destination to clients. We then hold individual meetings and workshops to explain the value of bringing a destination together for collective marketing efforts. We find that most stakeholders recognize the tremendous potential of this process to develop a shared vision, a cohesive brand and improve the overall marketing of a destination for everyone’s direct benefit.

With the partnership program in place and marketing campaigns underway, Solimar will develop a sustainability model to maintain the partnership and their benefits. Every destination is different, and models can range from establishing a formal destination marketing organization to coop marketing campaigns to forming a tourism improvement district in your place.

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What to Expect

  • Partnership Recruitment – To effectively engage partners, Solimar will create a series of communications materials to explain the benefits of the partnership program and gauge levels of interest.  We’ll work with all members throughout the process as well as an appointed council for operational decisions.  

  • Destination Marketing Strategy – Through a collective process, we work with partners to articulate how the destination is unique and develop a strategy for articulating and positioning its competitive advantages through a partnership approach.    

  • Brand Analysis – Prior to implementing any campaigns, Solimar will conduct a brand analysis containing actionable recommendations to improve the destination’s look and focus the message. Our in-house design team can also help update or refresh any current brand and logo designs.

  • Website and Content Development – Building on an existing website or developing a new one, Solimar will help determine what type of content to post, where you will post it and how frequently through developing a content calendar and assigning content generation responsibilities.

  • Social Media Strategy and Blogging – Social media gives you a place to talk to travelers before they travel, while they travel and after they have returned. This includes social networks, blogs, micro-blogging sites and third party sites. Solimar will help you determine the best channels to use for your target markets, and what content to post.

  • Creative Campaigns - With all pieces of your marketing foundation in place, Solimar will implement a number of creative campaigns and sweepstakes designed to draw visitors to both your site and social media platforms while synchronizing your marketing message and brand value for maximum effectiveness.

  • PR/Media Outreach Strategy - Solimar will help you employ simple but effective monitoring tools to allow you to identify influencers in your market. Then you can "listen" to the conversations taking place online, join ongoing conversations, build trust, and demonstrate expertise. Solimar will also help you develop a database of contacts and design effective outreach campaigns to reach local and media, relevant bloggers, guidebooks and sales intermediaries.

  • Self-Sustaining Financial Models – Solimar will explore which model works best for your destination to continue funding for collective marketing efforts.  

Project Examples

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“Solimar is one of our most valued small business partners. They are flexible, responsive, and strategic."

-Adam Noyce, New Business Director
Chemonics International

“Solimar fills a strategic gap for really professional global consulting companies specialized in sustainable tourism. Their team includes world-renowned specialists with an extremely diversified experience, with a problem-solving attitude and flexibility that surpassed all our expectations."

-Oliver Hillel, Program Officer
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity

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